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Euro Motors Launches Revolutionary New JAC Trucks

Euro Motors Ltd. announced the addition of three new models of JAC trucks to its existing fleet of vehicles at a launch held at Marine Grand, Marine Drive on 12 March 2013.

The company reached yet another milestone by signing its agreement with Jianghuai Automobile Company Ltd. (JAC) a Chinese State-owned automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturer.  

Continued high demand for the industry’s most awarded medium duty truck line-up has resulted in this expanded product offering with the addition of its new N-Series Light Commercial Truck. Due to the growing demand for this category of vehicles world over, the company hopes to promote these up-graded trucks catering to the varying needs of the industry.   

"Our plan for 2013 is to add dealer points in at least 05 priority markets and to continue to grow our dealer network in order to service our customer base and maintain our high level of customer service. In order to fulfill these needs, we have initiated the setting up of a highly innovative customised service center with advanced technical facilities. Additionally, we have set up dealer points strategically placed across the country in areas of high volume medium duty truck population. We also have the ability to service our growing customer base in the smaller markets as well,” said Ravindra Senarathne, Director – Operations for Euro Motors (Pte) Ltd.  As one of the fastest growing medium and heavy duty truck company, and with the addition of the new commercial diesel product line, the company’s  branch network is armed with a product lineup that offers the lowest total cost of ownership, superior fuel economy, environmentally-friendly and unmatched reliability.

The new models launched were the N Series (HFC 1042) 14” narrow-face with improved interior design and highly developed technical features that provides a 100% automobile experience with Japanese technology and is ideal for transport of goods to locations with narrow road access. This is a golden opportunity for Sri Lankan companies maintaining a large fleet of vehicles and who seek the same automobile experience as that of Japanese-origin light trucks.

The second model – the much sought after model (HFC 1023 MG) nicknamed the "Budget JAC” is the ideal option for small scale businesses and industrialists. The specialty of this vehicle is that it comes with a four-cylinder engine, unlike most other vehicles in the same category in the Sri Lankan market. The third model – also a much sought after truck (HFC 1042 KR) Double-wheel Crew Cab is in demand by leading construction companies for transport of crew and materials. JAC dealers are committed to achieving excellence in customer service and are the cornerstone of JAC’s award-recognised customer satisfaction. All JAC trucks come with the guaranteed quality stemming from the company’s vast expertise of Research and Development units, resulting in JAC winning numerous awards for Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) award.

The study also measures overall satisfaction with both the product and services received from worldwide authorized truck dealers. Six factors comprise the service index of all JAC trucks: service initiation, service facility, service quality, service advice, service delivery and service price.