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Euro Motors' JAC 10½" Double Wheel Truck Comes With a Revolution

Euro Motors, who revolutionized the Sri Lankan vehicle market with a fleet of JAC trucks, made their newest addition, the JAC 10½” Double Wheel Truck at a launch took place recently. The revolutionary fact about this new multi-purpose truck is that it can also be driven by 'Light Vehicle Driving License holders, making it the best option for businessmen in Sri Lanka.

This new JAC 10½” Double Wheel Truck is mostly expected to win the hearts of all type of entrepreneurs.

Because any business are always looking for higher profits while minimizing the day-to-day costs, The new JAC truck promises just that when it comes to the means of transportation. While Since there is no need to have a heavy vehicle driver's license for the new JAC 10½” Double Wheel Truck, any businessmen will have the option of bypassing the service of paid drivers and save the cost.

This vehicle is power-packed with Japanese technology, including a 77-horse power four-cylinder (2771cc) engine While it is highly economical, being able to run 12 kilometres with just a one litter of diesel.

The five-speed gear box, hydraulic breaks and four 6.50x16 rear tyres will offer the advantage of carrying heavy weights without any hassle. Another significant feature of this machine is the inclusion of two extra seats in addition to the driver’s seat. It also comes with a 50,000-kilometres or two years’ warranty from Euro Motors. Power Steering, adjustable steering wheel, air Conditioning, USB, FM Radio and powerful head lamps also add colour to this.

JAC Trucks have already gained the trust of people in Sri Lanka, for its quality and affordability, so leasing facilities will be much easier to obtain. Euro Motors has introduced a number of truck models over the past decade and has offered models to suit the needs of small, medium and large scale businessmen. Among them are 10”, 12”, 14 1/2”, 18”, 20” decked and Aluminium bodied trucks, single wheel crew cabs, double wheel crew cabs and cube 1 and 1 ½ tippers.

Quality after-sale service, wide network of branches around the country, widely spread authorized dealers, spare part dealers have made Euro Motors a trusted name among the people in Sri Lanka when it comes to trucks. Therefore JAC trucks, imported and distributed by Euro Motors, have won the hearts of Sri Lankan customers.